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Workplace Rehabilitation Providers Invoicing Procedures

Becoming an approved workplace rehabilitation provider

For information on how to operate as a Comcare approved workplace rehabilitation provider, please contact the rehabilitation provider approval team via email or by telephone on 1300 366 979.

What forms does Comcare require to pay workplace rehabilitation provider invoices?

The Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) sections 36 and 37 require workplace rehabilitation providers to obtain a referral from the rehabilitation case manager before a provider commences service delivery.

Once the delegate has identified a suitable provider, they prepare a referral for a rehabilitation assessment under the SRC Act. The delegate's signature on the referral form approves the assessment and any associated costs specified in the referral.

Once the assessment has been completed by the provider and the assessment report accepted by the case manager, the delegate will choose who will develop the rehabilitation programme. Once the delegate has signed the rehabilitation programme form, approval is given for the rehabilitation services, timeframes and costs specified in the programme.  Any rehabilitation forms that are not signed by the case manager will be returned.

Financial responsibilities

A provider must invoice to meet the requirements of the relevant authority and have appropriate systems in place to track costs and billing of services provided.

Comcare can only reimburse invoices for rehabilitation programme services from an approved workplace rehabilitation provider. All consultants delivering services must obtain prior approval from Comcare through receipt of a consultant ID number.  Full details on the approval process as well as consultant ID number application forms are available from the Comcare website.

What do I need to include on the invoice?

Comcare requires itemised invoices. Your invoices need to include the following details:

  • invoice addressed to Comcare
  • employee's first and last name and claim number
  • date of invoice
  • unique invoice number
  • provider's ABN
  • total cost of services
  • name and provider number of provider claiming for the service
  • billing address and contact details, including a phone number
  • the invoice should state 'Tax Invoice' (Comcare will not pay for services on a 'statement')
  • date of service/s
  • service code for each service, e.g.
    90 Initial rehabilitation assessment (includes liaison with the employee, the workplace, medical providers, workplace visit etc).
    92 Rehabilitation services (RTW) (includes management of Rehab Programme, job search activities, vocational counselling, specialised assessments, liaison with health providers, etc).
    93 Rehabilitation services (RTW) (includes client travel, interpreter services, external training, other).
    94 Rehabilitation services (RTW) workplace rehabilitation provider travel.
  • description of service provided
  • fee for each service with GST component included.

Please be aware that if Comcare considers that you have applied GST incorrectly, you may be asked to re-issue your invoice. If you are also not registered for GST at the time of service, your invoice will be returned, due to ATO requirements.

Where do I send my invoices?

For reimbursement of code 90 services, please ensure you forward a signed copy of the Rehabilitation Assessment/Examination form (SRC 116) to Comcare.

For reimbursement of code 92, code 93 and code 94 services, please ensure you forward a signed copy of the Rehabilitation Program (SRC 040) to Comcare. Services under code 92, code 93 and code 94 must be approved within the rehabilitation program timeframe and estimated costs.

If Comcare does not receive a signed copy of the relevant rehabilitation form, we will return all invoices to the Workplace Rehabilitation Provider.

Submit your invoices to Comcare by email, fax or mail. Do not email invoices directly to a Comcare delegate unless you receive a request to do so.

Fax: 1300 196 971
Postal Address: GPO Box 9905, Canberra ACT 2601.

What are the payment conditions?

Invoices are to be sent directly to Comcare. Payments are usually made within 28 days of receiving the invoice.

How do I receive my reimbursement?

Comcare provides reimbursement to workplace rehabilitation providers by electronic funds transfer (EFT). When you register as a provider, please ensure that you complete the EFT request form (link below). For more information on how to arrange for payments to be reimbursed via EFT or if you would like to update your EFT details, please see Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)—request for providers.

Who can I contact if I am unsure what to do?

  • Invoice inquiries: for all rehabilitation invoice inquiries, please contact the Rehabilitation team at Comcare on 1300 366 979 or via email at
  • Injury Management Advisory Service inquiries: for assistance with claims that are identified as being at risk of poor rehabilitation outcomes, please contact the Injury Management Advisory Service (IMAS) team at Comcare on 1300 366 979 or email
  • Claims inquiries: to speak to a Claims Service Officer at Comcare, please contact 1300 366 979.
  • Registration/approval inquiries: for information on how to become approved a a workplace rehabilitation provider or a consultant, please contact the rehabilitation provider approval team at Comcare on 1300 366 979 or via email
  • Return to work inquiries: for information relating to managing an employee's return to work activities, providing assistance to an individual injured employee and managing broader issues of return to work in the organisation, please contact the agency Rehabilitation Case Manager, or the Injury Management Advisory Service at Comcare on 1300 366 979 or email
Page last updated: 20 Aug 2019