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Better Practice Guidance - Rehabilitation Publications





Explains the role of rehabilitation under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act including links to supporting information and documentation.

Recovery and rehabilitation

Provides a brief description of rehabilitation services and the benefits of rehabilitation.

Roles and responsibilities



Return to Work: Easy reference guide

Identifies the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in relation to the return to work process and provides a process map of the steps involved.

Changes to the interpretation of who is a Rehabilitation Authority

Provides further clarification in regards to the employer that is responsible for the rehabilitation of an injured employee under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act.

Core capabilities



Rehabilitation case manager core capabilities

This document defines the capabilities required of an effective Rehabilitation case manager.

Supervisor core capabilities

This document defines the capabilities required of a supervisor to effectively support recovery at work following an injury.

Claims manager core capabilities

This document defines the capabilities required of a Claims manager to effectively work with a Rehabilitation case manager to assist with coordinating an injured employee's rehabilitation and return to work.




Barriers to Return to Work

A summary of current literature relating to the barriers to return to work. The report focuses on injury characteristics and individual perceptions, and workplace relationships.

Early Intervention Report

The use of early intervention strategies following a workplace injury are espoused to be important in ensuring a fast recovery and shortening the length of time away from work. This publication reviews the effectiveness and cost benefit of early intervention within the Comcare scheme.

Key topics



Leadership commitment - Early rehabilitation assistance to workers

Promoting the benefits of leadership commitment, sound policy, good communication and effective action on rehabilitation outcomes.

First to action: Early Intervention to support psychological health and wellbeing

Provides guidance to managers to help them recognise the warning signs of psychological injury and take early action to support at risk employees and prevent workplace injury.

Rehabilitation case management - first stepsThis interactive e-guidance provides an overview of key introductory rehabilitation case management concepts and practices, including early and effective engagement, biopsychosocial and flags models, identifying potential barriers to return to work and next steps where risks are identified.
Back to work, Back to team infographicWorkplace relationships can positively influence return to work outcomes. This infographic outlines practical actions that supervisors and co-workers can take to support a team member following injury.

First steps back: A guide to suitable employment for rehabilitation case managers

Provides guidance on return to work systems, injured employee capacity, return to work planning, identifying suitable work and sustaining a return to work. It includes examples, case studies and an overview of the ‘Flag Model’, which is used to identify barriers to return to work.

Working for recovery: Suitable employment for return to work following psychological injury

This guide supplements Comcare’s First steps back: A guide to suitable employment for rehabilitation case managers. It provides additional information and guidance to assist employees with a psychological injury or mental ill health return to suitable employment. It reflects best practice, provides common sense approaches to dealing with tough issues and points to further information.

Work trials: A guide for rehabilitation case managers

Provides rehabilitation case managers with step by step guidance on how to place injured employees with a host employer for a work trial. The guidance includes a checklist to ensure that all processes have been implemented prior to a work trial commencing.

Monitoring and evaluation



Measuring rehabilitation performance

Assists Rehabilitation Authorities to develop rehabilitation management systems by providing a range of performance indicators for consideration.

Page last updated: 14 Aug 2019