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Case conferences

A case conference is a key activity that allows stakeholders to develop a shared plan to assist an employee to return to health and return to work. They provide an opportunity to discuss complex cases and cases where return to work has stalled or to be proactive in sharing information early in a claim to ensure all stakeholders are working towards the same goal. Case conferences bring multiple stakeholders together and may include:

  • the employee
  • rehabilitation case manager (RCM)
  • supervisor
  • treating practitioners (GP; psychologist; physiotherapist)
  • workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP)
  • Comcare claims manager
  • Comcare injury management advisor.

Case conferences vary depending on the required outcome but may be one of the following—follow the links below to find out more.

  • Comcare case conference—meeting between Comcare and an employer to discuss liability and/or rehabilitation matters in relation to a particular claim or collection of claims.
  • Return to work case conference—connecting the GP, the employer, the employee, other treatment providers and the insurer to support return to work.
Page last updated: 31 Mar 2016