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Monitoring progress

The rehabilitation program formalises the coordination, cooperation and communication between stakeholders, as well as the monitoring and management of the rehabilitation program.

The case manager must make sure there is regular review to assess effectiveness of injury management interventions and return to work progress. This process is important to make sure rehabilitation programs are responsive to the barriers to return to work that have been identified, match an injured employee’s needs, and are effective for the stage of recovery.

Monitoring and review should include:

  • Relevant outcome measures must relate to functional goals of injury management.
  • Close management and monitoring of rehabilitation programs must be carried out in consultation with all parties.
  • Where recovery is delayed, all parties should work together to consider and act on new information and make sure the program for treatment and return to work addresses psychosocial factors, and also aims to reactivate functional activity to minimise the likelihood of persistent pain and functional loss.

Monitoring should provide information about:

  • attendance and task completion
  • progress against agreed milestones
  • medical or other problems
  • supervisor and colleague support
  • performance of the workplace rehabilitation provider against agreed activities
  • any other criteria in the rehabilitation program
  • any other relevant information.

When monitoring the rehabilitation program the case manager needs to coordinate the parties involved by staying in regular contact with them and making sure the workplace rehabilitation provider, supervisor and injured employee have carried out what they agreed to do.

To ensure effective communication consider:

  • regular contact with the injured employee and supervisor
  • regular workplace meetings involving some or all parties
  • regular progress reports—for Australian and ACT Government employers, copies of these progress reports must be forwarded to Comcare.
Page last updated: 08 May 2014