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Suitable employment

The key to achieving an early and successful return to work of an injured employee lies in the employer's willingness, ability and commitment to provide work within the capacities of the injured employee.

This is a significant responsibility and critical to maximising the potential for a successful return to work. It increases the opportunity for an injured employee to remain at work or allows the employee to safely return to work sooner than would otherwise be possible.

The case manager coordinates the return to work. Senior managers and line managers need to make sure work options are made available.

While rehabilitation aims to return an injured employee to pre-injury duties, alternative or modified duties may be necessary as part of the rehabilitation program.

Providing suitable duties is a significant factor in successful return to work outcomes.

Offering suitable employment and engaging key stakeholders—employee, medical practitioner, Comcare or relevant authority, and service providers—to implement an injured employee’s return to work significantly reduces the incapacity, duration and associated costs of claims. It also improves the employee’s social and health outcomes.


Page last updated: 08 Oct 2014