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An injured employee is redeployed to a new employer when they are permanently medically unable to return to work with their pre-injury employer.

When this happens, the following options should be considered, and in the order shown:

  • same job/new employer
  • similar job/new employer
  • new job/new employer.

When the return to work goal for an injured employee is to find work with a new employer, the rehabilitation case manager should develop a return to work plan in consultation with an approved rehabilitation provider and the treating doctor.

Activities that might support the successful redeployment of an injured employee could include:

  • transferable skills analysis
  • vocational assessment
  • work trial
  • vocational counseling
  • job seeking skills such as writing a resume, submitting job applications, interview skills and being accountable
  • retraining only if it is proved to be the most cost-effective means of getting an employee back to work.

Remember, redeployment can be costly, time consuming and difficult to successfully pull off. It is an option of last resort after all other possibilities to return an injured worker to the same employer have been exhausted.

Page last updated: 08 May 2014