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Work trials

Case managers may negotiate a work trial in another agency or in alternative employment when suitable duties are not available within the organisation.

Reasons for using a work trial may include:

  • Rebuilding work skills, self confidence and establishing work routines following a long absence from the workforce and/or loss of work skills due to sustaining a work-related injury.
  • Work hardening, when an injured employee is offered a program to improve their tolerance to physical or psychological work to allow a return to pre-injury work and their pre-injury employer, or placement with a new employer.
  • Learning alternative work skills when an employee is unable to return to work with the pre-injury employer and needs the opportunity to build new work skills to improve their employment potential and increase their chances of being placed with a new employer.
  • The employee has identified a new potential employer and a vacancy exists, and there is a need to create a working relationship with the potential new employer.
Page last updated: 08 May 2014