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Reduce workplace sitting trial – Research project

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This project aims to nationally trial an evidence-informed intervention to reduce workplace sitting.

Project update

The national launch of the BeUpstanding toolkit occurred in June 2019.

Two teams within Comcare are currently trialling the BeUpstanding toolkit to reduce workplace sitting.

Comcare promoted the BeUpstanding program during Safe Work Month through our social media channels and regional forums. There has been a significant increase in workplaces signing up to the program following these promotions.

Dr Genevieve Healy, Associate Professor University of Queensland, presented at the Comcare Safe Work Month Leadership Forum on 1 October 2019, highlighting the issues associated with prolonged sitting and strategies to encourage more movement in the workplace.

Watch Dr Genevieve Healy on BeUpstanding at the Safe Work Month Leadership Forum.

Video transcript of Dr Genevieve Healy on BeUpstanding

Project overview

Project details

Too much sitting (prolonged sedentary behaviour) has been identified as one of the behavioural risk factors for major cancers and other chronic health conditions.

The average desk-based worker sits for over three-quarters of their workday. Even if they exercise regularly, they are at risk if they spend most of the rest of their day sitting. See the evidence on the health consequences of long periods of sitting.

The BeUpstanding toolkit and program is designed to raise awareness and build a supportive culture to create a workplace where sitting less and moving more is the norm.

Research project title

The working title of this research project is ‘National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) partnership project: National implementation trial of evidence-informed workplace sitting reduction intervention’.

Project participants

Comcare is a project participant.

Project lead

University of Queensland

Other organisations involved

  • Baker IDI
  • Safe Work Australia
  • VicHealth
  • National Health Foundation WA
  • Office of Industrial Relations QLD
  • Curtin University
  • Deakin University.


The BeUpstanding website has a range of resources, research papers and reports on the benefits of reducing sedentary time.

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More information

For more information on this research project, email research@comcare.gov.au.

This project is part of our Research Plan Towards 2022 and supports our purpose to enable healthy and safe workplaces.

Page last reviewed: 15 December 2019
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Date printed 05 Jul 2020