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Approval of consultants

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You need to be approved by Comcare if you are working as a consultant for a workplace rehabilitation provider in the Comcare scheme.

Who can apply

You can apply if you are:

  • a consultant – this includes rehabilitation counsellors, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech pathologists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, medical practitioners and social workers
  • working for a Comcare-approved workplace rehabilitation provider, and
  • required to deliver rehabilitation services.

How to apply

  1. Complete the Workplace Rehabilitation Provider Consultant Approval application form (PDF, 148.2 KB).
  2. Send the form with supporting documents to

Please note that this is an approval process, not a certification process.

Supporting documents

Supporting documents include:

  • a copy of your qualification
  • a short curriculum vitae
  • evidence of registration with your relevant professional organisation.

What happens after you apply

We review your application and may ask for additional information to support your application.

Consultant ID issued

We issue a consultant ID number after you are verified as meeting the required criteria. This is linked to the approved workplace rehabilitation provider you work for.

A valid consultant ID number allows you to deliver rehabilitation program services for an approved workplace rehabilitation provider.

This number should be recorded on all Comcare return to work forms and invoices.

Rehabilitation provider training

Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (WRP) consultants are required to complete Comcare training. This training is mandatory for all new consultants and can be used as a refresher for experienced consultants. The training consists of:

  • Online training focusing on the Comcare scheme, legislative and service delivery requirements and performance expectations. This training must be completed by all new consultants prior to delivering rehabilitation services to employees. See information on accessing the training module via Comcare's LMS.
  • Face to face training focusing on addressing barriers to return to work, sharing experiences and better practices. This training is currently suspended due to COVID-19. Further information on this training will be provided in the second quarter of 2021.

A record of the courses completed will be held in Comcare’s Learning Management System (LMS).

If you have any questions, please contact

If you change rehabilitation providers

If you start working with another approved workplace rehabilitation provider, you can apply to have your consultant ID number transferred to the new employer.

Email your details to

Training and learning

We provide training through our learning management system called Comcare LMS.

To access our training, you first need to create an account in Comcare LMS (see the steps to create an account). Then, select the training course link and login with your email and password.

Digital learning
Mode: Self-paced
Cost: Free
Page last reviewed: 11 February 2021
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