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Data matching with the ATO

Comcare compares information held about injured workers to records kept by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in order to reduce the risk of injured workers receiving an incorrect level of entitlement.

This process of data matching compares ATO records with information Comcare already holds, such as that provided by injured workers in Periodic Review Forms or information injured workers are obliged to give Comcare.

Comcare routinely matches this data with the ATO to verify that both sets of records correlate. For example, Comcare’s data matching checks that injured workers who report an inability to work to Comcare have not declared employment earnings to the ATO.


Your privacy is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 and Comcare’s Privacy Policy. These laws and policies prohibit Comcare’s staff from accessing, recording or disclosing anyone’s information except in the performance of their duties. Because data matching requires Comcare staff to handle the personal information of individuals, Comcare also complies with the Privacy Commissioner's voluntary guidelines on data matching.


Page last updated: 24 Apr 2014