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Premium reduction strategies

Evidence shows that the most effective way to reduce claim costs, and thereby reduce premiums, is to provide early support to employees with workplace injuries and diseases and improve return to work outcomes through proactive early intervention and rehabilitation programs. Claim incidence can be reduced through agency-wide knowledge and application of work health and safety principles and by manager's using early intervention strategies - identifying and acting quickly when an employee is at risk of injury or disease.

Case studies of small, medium and large agencies

Reducing premiums is a key indicator that an agency’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Rehabilitation performance has improved; reducing the incidence of employee injury or disease and helping employees to recover at or return to work sooner.

As an outcome of the 2015-16 premium year several agencies, of varying sizes, demonstrated effective premium reduction strategies. These strategies may be of benefit to similar sized agencies seeking to improve their WHS and Rehabilitation performance and subsequently reduce their premium.

Please contact your Employer Account Manager directly by phone or email: if your agency is considering a trial any of these premium reduction strategies.

Page last updated: 01 Apr 2019