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Hazardous Substances / Chemicals

Virtual Office - Hazardous Substances, Chemicals
Virtual Office Flash introduction – Hazardous Substances, Chemicals
ObjectsHazardsPossible Controls
  • Chemicals are stored in the kitchen area
  • Chemicals stored above head height may spill on worker lifting them down
  • Hazardous substances stored with non-hazardous substances and are hard to distinguish
  • Hazardous chemicals not securely contained potentially producing odours / fumes
  • Where possible do not store chemicals in kitchens, keep them in a designated area for storing chemicals
  • Ensure all hazardous substances are stored in a secure location
  • Do not store hazardous substances on a shelf above head height
  • Maintain clear separation of storage of hazardous substances from non-hazardous substances
  • Ensure that all hazardous substances are kept in undamaged containers with secure caps or lids
  • Manufacturers instructions unknown or not followed (e.g. Oven cleaners, Pesticides, Drain Cleaners)
  • Workers should obtain and read instructions for use, consult the Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and know safe handling precautions to take before working with a hazardous substance
Labelling and identification
  • Substances kept in containers without  proper labels
  • Record details of all hazardous substances kept
  • Maintain file of SDS for all hazardous substances used / stored by the workplace
  • Ensure that all hazardous substances are clearly marked
  • Dispose of all unidentified substances appropriately
  • Unsafe clean-up
  • Contamination of food stored near chemicals
  • Provide workers with instruction in dealing with spillages of hazardous substances, including the name of contacts to arrange clean up
  • Warn others to stay clear of spillage site
  • Workers should obtain and read instructions for use, consult the MSDS, and know safe handling precautions to take before cleaning up a hazardous substance spillage
  • Dispose of food which has been, or is suspected of, being exposed to hazardous substances
First aid treatment
  • Contact with an unknown substance
  • Treat contact with unknown substances with caution until substance is identified
  • Ensure first aid officers have information about treatment for skin or eye contact with, and for inhaling or accidentally swallowing, hazardous substances used at the workplace