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The Collaborative Partnership is a national system-wide collaboration between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Working together we can break down barriers in our systems and culture to enable more Australians to engage in good work.

Annual social and economic impacts of work incapacity in Australia:


People unable to work due to ill health, injury or disability and received income support


People accessed employer provided leave entitlements for work incapacity


Spent on income support
in one year

Note: estimates from 2015/16

We’re driving positive change in these areas:


The time is now to make real and sustainable change, to ensure that no person is left behind.

Every Australian should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that working brings, to financially provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Every system, sector and leader has a role to play to ensure this happens.

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Findings from Pillar One – Understanding the movement of people between Australia’s income and benefit support systems

21 Jun 2022 4:12pm

53% of people reported not having enough income to cover essential living costs as they transition from one income support system to another according to the study.


EML to present on supporting Australians transitioning from income support at the 2022 Comcare National Conference

30 May 2022 2:30pm

As a member of the Collaborative Partnership join EML at the Comcare National Conference to hear about the Transition Specialist Program which takes a whole of life approach to support individuals to address challenges that ultimately support them to become employable as they transition from income support.


Join the Collaborative Partnership at the 2022 Comcare National Conference in Canberra this June

21 Apr 2022 11:53am

The Collaborative Partnership will be presenting an overview of the work completed under the 2020-2022 strategy, results achieved to date and insights and learnings from across the multiple income benefits systems throughout Australia.

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Insurance Council of Australia
Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
EML Insurance
Department of Social Services
Royal Australian College of Physicians
Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Australian Council of Trade Unions
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Department of Health
National National Mental Health Commission
Attorney General's Department

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