Our Governance

Drawing on the collective experience and expertise from across government, private, not-for-profit and academic sectors.

The Collaborative Partnership brings together organisations, advisors and experts from multiple sectors and systems to contribute to our projects and research, which requires a strong governance framework.

our governance diagram

Backbone Organisation

  • Comcare is the backbone organisation that manages and supports the collaboration.

Strategic Oversight Committee

  • Senior leaders that meet quarterly to make important decisions and provide guidance.

Project Leads Sub-Committee

  • Representatives from each partners organisation meet twice per quarter to provide operational oversight of key initiatives.


  • Experts, academics and consultants provide specialist advice and meet as needed to progress projects and respond to emerging issues.

Project Working Groups

  • Project working groups form to steer a project and meet as needed to progress projects and respond to emerging issues.

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Our approach

We use the collective impact approach to guide our partnership and deliver on our shared vision.

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Our achievements

We have delivered four major projects that explore Australia’s systems and the roles of employers, employees and general practitioners.

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The Partnership is a national collaboration with strong representation across sectors and systems.

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Be part of our community of stakeholders and help test, shape and inform our projects.

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