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The Collaborative Partnership brings together partners from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to deliver innovative solutions to improve work participation.

The work of the Collaborative Partnerships aims to:

  • improve work participation
  • reduce costs of claims, premiums and disability support
  • improve employee health and wellbeing
  • reduce workplace absenteeism
  • improve work productivity.

Current Projects

Cross-Sector Systems Projectled by the Department of Social Services

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Australians are impacted by temporary or permanent physical and mental health conditions that prevent them from working.

There are at least ten major income support systems that are accessed by people with work disability. The Cross-Sector Systems Project is identifying how these systems operate, connect and interact, with a view to driving overall system improvement.

The Cross-Sector Project Report and the Report Snapshot were published by Monash University in 2018. The report mapped the income support systems and the movement of people between systems. The report identified opportunities to achieve better work and health outcomes and has inspired the development and trial of two initiatives:

  • a collaboration between three different industries to explore cross-sector services delivering income supports and improving earlier support for work participation and a more seamless transition between systems
  • exploring the potential benefits of an insurance approach to case management for people receiving income support who are unemployed and have a temporary or permanent physical or mental health condition.

The project will continue to evolve the identified opportunities from the Cross-Sector Systems Report to trial more initiatives. Find out how you can play a role.

Employer Mobilisation Project—led by the Department of Jobs and Small Business

People with temporary or permanent physical or mental health conditions often have difficulty finding work that is meaningful and appropriate.

The Employer Mobilisation Project looks at employers’ perspectives on employing people with work disability and improving their capacity to provide work to people with temporary or permanent physical or mental health conditions.

The project commissioned market research into the behaviours, attitudes and intentions of employers across public, private, large and small businesses with respect to employment, retention and accommodation of people with work disability. Read the Report Snapshot for the key findings. The full findings from this research are available in the Employer Mobilisation Report.

Using the research findings, the project is scoping and trialling interventions to help employers build their capability and capacity to take on and support people with health conditions or disability to participate in work.

The project is supported by several large employers and a range of other stakeholders. Find out how your organisation can get involved.

GP Support Project—led by the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

GPs play a critical role in the recovery at and return to work process but there is no consistent understanding of what that role includes.

The GP Support Project aims to produce a set of principles that provide clarity around roles and expectations of all stakeholders involved in supporting work engagement, recovery at and return to work.

The project is consulting with stakeholders to develop the first draft of the principles, which will then be presented to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for endorsement. The project will develop an implementation plan including resource development to support the principles and encourage their use in the various sectors involved.

An executive working group comprising representatives from insurers, employers, unions, allied health providers and primary health providers is providing oversight and guidance to the project. Find out how your organisation can get involved here.

Employee Awareness Project—led by EML

Participating in good work improves health and wellbeing and it is critical that employees understand the link between work participation and recovery from or management of a health condition. Helping employees build skills in navigating in and between income support systems is a key component.

The Employee Awareness Project is mapping the current experience of employees accessing systems of income support to gain a better understanding of the challenges employees face. The project will then develop resources that empower employees to better navigate systems and drive their own recovery at work.

Contact the Collaborative Partnership if you think your organisation can contribute to mapping the experiences of employees.