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Ventilation of kitchens

Air conditioning system ventilation is the process of removing and replacing air in the building. Sometimes supplemental ventilation can be provided by exhaust fans in kitchens.


  • Use extractor fans.

Potential harm

  • Breathing issues

Identified hazards and controls

Poor ventilation


  • Poor ventilation leading to food odours, heat and steam build up from cooking.

What workers can do

  • Use exhaust fans in areas where cooking produces strong odours or open a window.

What employers can do

  • Provide a designated cooking or kitchen area for food preparation.
  • Install a ceiling or window mounted extractor fan or a range hood above the stove to disperse smoke.
  • Instruct users to switch on the extractor fan or range hood before starting to prepare food, which may burn, smoke or steam.
Page last reviewed: 08 May 2021

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