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Noise from meetings

Noise can distract workers putting them and others at risk of injury as a result of the distraction.


  • Close the door to the meeting room.
  • Provide meeting etiquette guidance.
  • Put your mobile on vibrate or silent.

Potential harm

  • Worker distraction

Identified hazards and controls

High level of noise


  • Noise from other areas of the office distracting those in the meeting room.
  • Noise from the meeting room interfering with the ability of other workers to concentrate on tasks.

What workers can do

  • During meetings, remember to put mobile phones and other electronic devices on mute or silent.
  • Close the door to the meeting room.
  • Avoid raising your voice. Talk normally.
  • Keep video conferencing volume to a level that the attendees can hear.
  • If located near a meeting room, be aware that workers at a meeting may be able to hear you.

What employers can do

  • Provide suitably equipped and quiet meeting rooms away from noise, traffic areas or the main office area.
  • Make sure the doors seal properly.
  • Take into account that furnishings can help absorb sound, when fitting out a meeting room.
  • Consider installing double glazing on internal glass walls.
  • Keep the video conferencing volume to a level that the attendees can hear.
  • Provide etiquette outlining the use of the room and expected behaviours.
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