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Thermal comfort in meeting spaces

Meeting spaces can quickly become hot and stuffy when many people are assembled in the room. If supplemental air-conditioning is used it can be difficult to sustain a comfortable temperature for all attendees.


  • Be prepared for varying temperatures.
  • Use supplemental air-conditioning, where installed.

Potential harm

  • Discomfort and fatigue

Identified hazards and controls

Discomfort and fatigue


  • Temperature is too hot or too cold.

What workers can do

  • Be prepared for variation in temperature, for example keep a spare jumper, coat or wrap at work.
  • Keep hydrated – air conditioning can remove the moisture from your skin and body.
  • If there is a room specific temperature adjustment, set it to a comfortable temperature for most of the occupants.
  • Report unusually hot or cold temperatures as there may be a fault with the air conditioning system.

What employers can do

  • Track reports of air conditioning issues in meeting rooms.
  • If there is no air conditioning and the windows are unable to be opened, consider a supplementary air conditioning system or ceiling fans.
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Date printed 29 Jun 2022