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Prolonged sittings in meetings

Meetings tend to mean sitting together around a table for a length of time. People can find it awkward to stand up during a meeting while everyone else is sitting.


  • Have stand up meeting areas.
  • Chairs should be adjustable.
  • Incorporate breaks into the meeting structure for people to stand and stretch.

Potential harm

  • Muscular skeletal disorders

Identified hazards and controls

Prolonged sitting


  • Lengthy meetings.
  • Participants spend meetings sitting.

What workers can do

  • Stand up and move to the wall or back of the room.
  • Adjust your chair properly to suit your requirements during the meeting - feet flat on the floor, knees and hip level and parallel to the floor.

What employers can do

  • Encourage workers to stand during meetings.
  • Try to allow for breaks when scheduling meetings.
  • Design meeting places and rooms to accommodate standing meetings.

More information


  • Ergonomic hazards for information on physical factors in the environment that may cause musculoskeletal injuries, such as sedentary work and slips, trips and falls, and how to eliminate these hazards.



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