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About Us

Comcare contributes to a secure, safer, fairer, more productive and socially inclusive Australia.

What we do

Comcare partners with workers, their employers and unions to keep workers healthy and safe, and reduce the incidence and cost of workplace injury and disease. We implement the Australian Government’s policies in federal workplaces to drive social inclusion and productivity. We have three outcomes that guide us:

  1. The protection of the health, safety and welfare at work of workers covered by the Comcare scheme through education, assurance and enforcement.
  2. An early and safe return to work and access to compensation for injured workers covered by the Comcare scheme by working in partnership with employers to create best practice in rehabilitation and by providing quick and accurate management of workers’ compensation claims.
  3. Access to compensation for people with asbestos-related diseases where the Commonwealth has a liability.

In addition to the above outcomes we also support the Seacare Authority in the delivery of its statutory functions.

Our focus

Strategic focus 

Corporate publications

Organisational structure

Page last updated: 16 Dec 2014