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Notifications to Comcare

You need to notify Comcare of certain situations. These involve hazardous chemicals, lead, annual plant maintenance and asbestos.

Notify Comcare when asbestos removal work will be carried out, there are elevated asbestos fibre levels, or emergency demolition of structures containing asbestos is required.

Comcare is to be notified of demolition work at least five days before demolition begins, unless demolition is carried out by an emergency service worker responding to an emergency.

Comcare must be notified of hazardous chemicals listed in schedule 11 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations at workplaces, when certain situations arise.

There are circumstances when you must submit a copy of the health monitoring report to Comcare.

An incident is notifiable if it results from the conduct of a business or undertaking and causes the death of a person, serious injury or illness of a person, or a dangerous incident.

Comcare must be notified of lead risk work at a workplace, when there is a change to a previous notification, or when a worker is removed from carrying out lead risk work.

Comcare must be notified when a facility reaches or exceeds the notification quantity for any schedule 15 chemical listed in the Work Health and Safety Regulations.

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Date printed 19 May 2024