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About Comcare

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Comcare is the national authority for work health and safety, and workers’ compensation.

Our role

We are a government regulator, workers’ compensation insurer, claims manager and scheme administrator.

Through our role, we work with employees and other workers, employers, service providers and other organisations to:

  • minimise the impact of harm in the workplace
  • improve recovery at work and return to work
  • promote the health benefits of good work.

We collaborate and partner with other schemes and organisations on research and innovative projects that improve outcomes.

We also provide expert advice and services to the:

Strategic priorities

Comcare's purpose is to promote and enable safe and healthy work. This outcome drives our work.

To deliver on this outcome, our focus is on five strategic priorities:

Excellence in service provision

As a service delivery agency, we put our stakeholders at the centre of everything we do. We are responsive to growing community expectations of the public sector to provide seamless, personalised services and strive to exceed them. Our services are tailored to our stakeholders’ needs and in delivering these services we live and model our values, including acting with integrity and respect.

Engagement with our stakeholders

We strive to uphold a positive reputation as an effective regulator and service delivery agency. We are always open to feedback from our stakeholders and undertake to consult widely on issues that impact them. We aim to engage in authentic, meaningful and genuine interactions with stakeholders at all levels, and to ensure we are courteous and professional in all our dealings.

Prevention and early intervention across our scheme

As the national workers’ compensation authority and work health and safety regulator, we play a leading role in supporting safe and healthy workplaces. We do this by working with employers to adopt risk and evidence-based prevention and early intervention practices, with the ultimate aim of supporting employers and workers to create and maintain physically and mentally healthy workplaces.

Insight driven and risk and evidence-based practice

We are working to harness the power of data and analytics to drive our approach to promoting and enabling safe and healthy work. We use all available information to continually improve our services and to identify and address the needs of our scheme. We undertake research and engage with emerging evidence to validate our approach. We regularly evaluate our performance and change course where necessary. We challenge assumptions and do not accept the status quo.

Being adaptive and sustainable in the face of change

We are a flexible and adaptive agency, always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. We consider the broader environment and are proactive in dealing with its impacts. We aim to encourage innovation in the development of sustainable solutions to health and safety issues. We also endeavour to use the latest tools, data and technology to develop new solutions to problems.

Organisational structure

See Comcare's Organisational structure.

Governing legislation

Comcare was established under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act). This legislation sets out the functions and powers of Comcare.

Comcare also has functions and responsibilities under the:

Through these pieces of legislation, we have roles as the workers’ compensation insurer, national work health and safety regulator and scheme manager. We also manage the Commonwealth's asbestos-related claims liabilities.

For more information, see About the Comcare scheme.

Corporate publications

See a full list of our Corporate publications.

Diversity program

See Comcare’s Diversity program.

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