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Research and evidence

Comcare supports evidence-based research designed to prevent harm, promote work health and safety, and improve participation and productivity.

Comcare's approach for applied research projects until 2022 helps address new and emerging challenges facing workplaces.

A list of the research projects Comcare is leading or is involved in, organised by our research themes.

Each month, read about the latest research on the health benefits of work, recovery at work, return to work, and work health and safety issues.

Following the success of our pilot trial, we are leading NewAccess workplaces - an evidence-based two-year mental health initiative for APS agency partners.

A national collaboration between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to give more Australians with a health condition or disability the chance to engage in good work.

Comcare regularly initiates and publishes literature reviews, evidence scans and evidence summaries on emerging workplace issues and trends.

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Date printed 17 Jun 2024