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Research projects

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View the research projects that Comcare is leading or is involved in, grouped by the research themes which are identified in our Research plan.

Enabling safe and healthy work

Preventing workplace harm in all forms is the cornerstone of enabling safe and healthy workplaces. A feature of safe and healthy workplaces is when leaders and workers understand their duties and obligations, including responding to physical and psychosocial hazards and risks.

Facilitating mentally healthy workplaces

Thriving organisations support worker mental health and wellbeing. Psychological safety is fostered when leaders drive positive workplace cultures that protect workers from harm, support and respond to mental ill health or distress, and promote the positive aspects of work.

Fostering work participation

Good work supports worker health, wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Providing good work that is person-centric and tailored to match the current capability and capacity of workers; maximises retention, recovery at and return to work.

Adapting to the future of work

Responding to evolving work practices and environments requires ongoing curiosity, agility, and responsibility by organisations and workers. Sustainable organisations will foresee and mitigate future risks and seize opportunities to innovate, whilst keeping worker needs front‑of‑mind.

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