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Adapting to the future of work research

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As workplaces face new and emerging concerns, our research aims to address some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Research projects

Australia New Zealand Research Collaboration

Comcare is collaborating with other agencies across Australia and New Zealand to identify and develop actionable and evidence-led research projects that address the future of workplace health and safety and workers’ compensation.

Email research@comcare.gov.au to discuss a research proposal which Comcare may be able to partner or participate in.

Why this research is important

Workplaces are facing new challenges, resulting from the influence of technological, demographic and societal changes.

Some examples of changes in work involve:

  • the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics
  • changes to work design and workplaces
  • how best to adapt to the ageing workforce.

It will be important to understand the impact these challenges could have on the health and safety of employees to manage the risk of harm.

Page last reviewed: 16 June 2022
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Date printed 01 Jul 2022