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New approaches to preventing workplace bullying

This project aims to develop an evidence-based toolkit of approaches to preventing or addressing workplace bullying.

Project update

The project has completed a literature review examining the individual and organisational risk and protective factors for bullying, any interventions that can decrease the incidence of bullying in the workplace, and the experience of bullying during home-based work periods.

The review identified a range of factors relevant to workplace bullying, including at the individual-level (e.g. personality types), group-level (e.g. leadership style and group dynamics) and organisational-level (e.g. organisational culture and climate). There was limited high quality evidence related to successful interventions to reduce workplace bullying or the effects of working from home (WFH) on workplace bullying, though there was some observational evidence that WFH provides increased opportunity for cyberbullying.

Project overview

While most workers behave respectfully, workplace bullying remains a concern across Comcare’s jurisdiction.

Given the increasing focus on managing psychosocial risks in workplaces, bullying will be a key hazard for organisations to control, since one third of mental stress claims in the Comcare scheme in 2020–21 related to bullying and harassment.

Workplace bullying is a complex challenge, especially considering hybrid working arrangements, that calls for new approaches and commitment to effectively reduce the prevalence of bullying and its associated costs.

This project will first investigate the existing evidence base around the organisational and individual risk and protective factors for bullying, including effective interventions. It will then develop an easy-to-use toolkit of evidence-based initiatives for the prevention of workplace bullying.

Project participants

Project lead

  • Comcare

Other organisations involved

  • Employers within the Comcare scheme
  • University of South Australia

Findings and reports

Literature Review: Working from home (WFH) and workplace bullying – Overview (PDF, 919.4 KB)

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