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Standards for Comcare service providers

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Comcare partners with providers to promote and enable safe and healthy work and to facilitate recovery and return to work.

Standards of a service provider

As providers, we expect you to:

  • comply with all relevant legislative requirements such as record keeping, privacy and work health and safety obligations
  • engage with and follow Comcare advice and requirements for delivering services in the Comcare scheme
  • comply with all other responsibilities relating to your profession or service
  • understand and promote the benefits of safe and healthy work
  • follow information and guidance on invoicing, receipts and GST
  • deliver services that are effective and efficient
  • be courteous and respectful at all times
  • communicate appropriately with the employee and any other relevant stakeholders in accordance with applicable privacy requirements
  • ensure any complaints are considered and resolved in a timely manner
  • have appropriate insurance for the services you are delivering.

We provide more information for specific service providers:

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