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About us

Comcare is the national authority for work health and safety, and workers’ compensation. We understand and promote the health benefits of good work.

Comcare is the national work health and safety and workers’ compensation authority.

Comcare’s work supports safe and healthy workplaces and plays a vital role in improving workforce participation and productivity.

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Along with Comcare's annual report and corporate plan, Comcare provides a range of forms, checklists and publications.

Comcare is required by the Australian Government to adhere to relevant legislation, to produce a corporate plan and annual report, and to report on activities.

The latest news from Comcare on our work as the national work health and safety, and workers' compensation authority.

Comcare is an agency of the Australian Government. Our organisation is structured into six groups.

We value and respect the diversity of our employees. We believe that embracing diversity helps us provide a better service to our customers and partners.

We deliver high-quality training courses and self-paced learning for the Comcare jurisdiction.

Have your say on our work health and safety regulation and workers' compensation claims management activities.

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Date printed 17 Jun 2024