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Evidence summaries

Comcare regularly initiates and publishes literature reviews, evidence scans and evidence summaries on emerging workplace issues and trends.

We review the latest literature available on a range of topics to support early intervention and prevention activities across our jurisdiction. We use the literature to create reports that help guide evidence-based initiatives.

Our research is guided by the four main research themes in our Research Plan Towards 2026 (PDF, 6.7 MB).

Our research projects each support a theme which contribute to our purpose of enabling safe and healthy work. Our four themes are:

  • Enabling healthy and safe work
  • Facilitating mentally healthy workplaces
  • Fostering work participation
  • Adapting to the future of work

These research themes enable us to prioritise potential research opportunities that align with the needs of our jurisdiction.

Read our latest literature reviews, evidence scans and evidence summaries below.

Beyond the office: Considerations and practical approaches for working safely at home

Australia’s office-based workplaces have changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Hybrid working is now the norm and preference for the majority of office-based staff. The flexibility that comes with hybrid approaches has many benefits for employers and employees, however there are WHS risks that need to be considered and managed by employers on behalf of employees.

Read the full Literature Review (PDF, 11.6 MB) or the Abridged Summary (PDF, 1.6 MB).

Latest Workplace Trends - Research Alert

The Latest Workplace Trends – Research Alert highlights topics of recent interest in the area of Work Health and Safety and workers’ compensation. The issues have emerged from a six-month review of grey literature, including national Work Health and Safety (WHS) conference topics, and OHS-specific peer-reviewed journal publications.

The latest edition is available now.

Past editions

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