20. Claims and total cost by age group (CIS report)

For: Employers and managers

This report is part of our Customer Information System (CIS).

About the report

  • Description: This report displays a graph showing the number of claims and the associated total costs by age groupings.
  • Access level required: Management level access.
  • Export options: .pdf and .rtf
  • Benefits: This report can be of benefit when assessing the highest risk age group in your agency, bearing in mind the age spread of agency population.
  • Parameters: This report represents accepted claims with a date of injury in the period chosen.

Fields in the report

Table 1: Description of the fields in the Claims and total cost by age group report
Period This field displays the date range the report was generated for.
Age Group The age group of the claimant at time of injury.
Cost to Date ($) The total of costs incurred on the claim as of yesterday.
Future Cost Estimate ($) The estimate of future costs on the claim as of the case estimate date. The future cost estimate is determined by a complex calculation that accounts for a wide array of factors.
Avg. Cost to Date ($) The cost to date of all claims within the given period divided by the number of claims meeting the given caveat within the same period.
No. Claims The number of claims that meet the criteria of the column.
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