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8. Frequency of lost time claims (CIS report)

For: Employers and managers

This report is part of our Customer Information System (CIS).

About the report

  • Description: This report displays the number of claims that had their first incapacity determination in the chosen reporting period of at least one lost day or shift.
  • Access level required: Management level access.
  • Export options: .pdf and .rtf
  • Benefits: This forms the base data for the SRCC P4 indicators and needs to be supplemented and calculated using the additional data element available in house as:
    Total number of hours worked in the period by all employees (derived from actual hours worked or from hours paid less a notional estimate for leave hours as per AS.1885 and the ABS leave estimate).
  • Parameters: This report represents the number of lost time injuries which is measured by the number of claims with the determination in the reporting period of at least one lost day or shift.

Fields in the report

Table 1: Description of the fields in the Frequency of lost time claims report
Month/year The month and year that other fields within report relate to.
No. of lost time injuries Number of claims that have had the first determination of incapacity of at least one day or shift.
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