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Fees, rates and reimbursements

There are different payment limits/rates that guide the amount Comcare will reimburse for services provided or benefits claimed in relation to a compensable claim. Comcare has established payment limits for medical treatment that is compensable under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act).  Other rates, known as statutory rates, are set by the SRC Act and Comcare is unable to pay above the prescribed amount.

The rates are reviewed and updated, as appropriate:

  • Medical practitioner rates (e.g. anaesthetics, GPs, certificate cost, occupational physician, orthopaedic surgeon, psychiatrist, specialists) are reimbursed according to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) rates. This list can be purchased from Australian Medical Association website.

GST rebates cannot be claimed for medical services, but can be claimed for medical reports or case conferences. Please refer to the ATO website which provides guidelines as to the reasons why medical services are exempt but other services are not'.

Page last updated: 28 Oct 2016