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Overview of the Comcare scheme

The Comcare scheme (the scheme) provides all scheme employers with an integrated safety, rehabilitation and compensation system, no matter what Australian state or territory an employer operates in or where its employees are located.

The scheme:

  • Works in partnership with employers and their employees to prevent workplace injuries.
  • Appropriately uses regulatory sanctions if there has been any demonstrable failure of the employer’s duty of care.
  • Empowers employers to work with their employees to maintain an injured employee at work or to achieve an early, safe and long lasting return to work.
  • Gives employers a duty to provide injured employees with suitable employment.
  • Provides injured employees with a statutory package of economic and non economic benefits, such as:
    • a high standard of income support (until retirement age if necessary)
    • medical and home help assistance, permanent impairment benefits, aids and certain alterations and other benefits.


Page last updated: 22 Jan 2018