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Creating mentally healthy workplaces

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces is an essential characteristic of a comprehensive Work Health and Safety Management System. There are five aspects to creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Creating mentally healthy workplaces

Raising mental health awareness

To reduce the risk and impact of mental ill health, employers need to raise awareness and build inclusive workplace cultures and effective systems for promoting mental health and wellbeing at work.


Good practice framework for mental health and wellbeing in first responders

Recently beyondblue released “A good practice framework for mental health and wellbeing in first responder organisations” which provides information for police, ambulance, fire and rescue and state emergency services on how to improve workplace mental health and address suicide. The framework uses the continuum model for mental health and encourages an integrated approach to mental health that utilises evidence-based preventative measures and supportive interventions.

Creating Healthy Workplaces

VicHealth recently released three reports on workplace interventions to create healthy workplaces. The interventions included Reducing workplace stress, Reducing alcohol-related harm and Preventing violence against women. These reports provide great insights into the strategies organisations can adopt to improve workplace health and wellbeing.

Assessing risks

Having a good understanding of the hazards, risks and potential outcomes in relation to mental health is essential to create a mentally healthy workplace.


Managing risks

Controlling modifiable risk factors to mental health is essential to creating mentally healthy workplaces.


Supporting ability to work

Supporting workers with mental health conditions not only assists the individual worker, but  creates a mentally healthy environment in which all workers are confident they have support.


Providing rehabilitation

Should a mental health injury occur in the workplace, it is important to know how to assist workers in returning to the workplace. Offering suitable employment and engaging key stakeholders is a critical component of a successful return to work program.


Page last updated: 16 Jan 2018