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Jurisdictional Policy Advices (JPAs)

Comcare issued JPAs to our stakeholders on scheme significant matters to achieve equity of outcomes in claims management between all determining authorities under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act).

Updates for statutory rates were the subject of JPAs until July 2015. Since then JPAs have not been issued. The updates continue to be posted on the Statutory Rates page on the Comcare website. Determining authorities in the Comcare scheme are notified by email when the rates change.

Comcare may revoke a JPA where scheme policy and practice changes. The revoked JPAs will however remain available on the website as they remain applicable to claims management during the time they were in force.

JPAs are numbered consecutively by year of publication. You may view Comcare’s complete list of JPAs by year released or by category. You may also use the search function on this page to find a JPA by topic, number or legislative provision.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of a JPA no longer listed on the website, please contact Scheme Policy on 1300 366 979 or by email to


The JPAs have been grouped by subject matter and can be viewed by selecting the category from the drop down menu below:

  • JPA 2014/13 -
  • JPA 2014/10 - The meaning of medical treatment—‘curative apparatus’
  • JPA 2014/05 - This JPA provides guidance on how multiple permanent impairments should be assessed when using Comcare’s Guide to the Assessment of the Degree of Permanent Impairment
  • JPA 2014/04 - This policy provides guidance in determining apportionment of death lump sum compensation where there are two or more dependants.
  • JPA 2014/03 - This policy provides the statutory interpretation of the meaning and effect of the suspension of compensation rights where an employee refused or fails to comply with a rehabilitation requirement without reasonable excuse.
  • JPA 2014/01 - Injury arising in the course of employment, during an interval or interlude within an overall period or episode of work
  • JPA 2013/08 - This policy informs determining authorities that the Minister has declared Afghanistan and Iraq to be places for the purpose of continuous workers’ compensation coverage cover under paragraph 6(1)(h) of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988.
  • JPA 2013/07 - Federal Court determination in Guppy v Australian Postal Corporation – Implications for assessing an arthroplasty procedure of an upper limb joint
  • JPA 2012/07 - Incapacity compensation - Meaning of 'normal weekly hours' subsection 19(3) Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 Comcare v Heffernan
  • JPA 2012/01 - Additional provisions to section 7 of the SRC Act
  • JPA 2011/10 - Full Federal Court decision in Comcare v Broadhurst—implications for assessing the degree of permanent impairment
  • JPA 2008/08 - The provision of rehabilitation assistance for severly incapacitated employees to facilitate social, recreational, community or disability related activities.
  • JPA 2007/08 - Amendments to section 6: travel and recess provisions of the Act
  • JPA 2007/05 - Canute Decision - implications for consequential injuries
  • JPA 2006/14 - Application of section 48 of the SRC Act to damages awarded under state jurisdictions
  • JPA 2006/13 - Meaning of 'required' and 'regular' overtime when calculating Normal weekly Earnings - Section 8
  • JPA 2005/14 -
  • JPA 2005/13 -
  • JPA 2005/06 - Determinations to cease benefits – impact of “Oudyn” and other recent decisions
  • JPA 2005/05 -
  • JPA 2005/02 - Suspension of Compensation under Sub-sections 36(4) and 37(7)
  • JPA 2004/08 -
  • JPA 2004/04 -
  • JPA 2003/09 -
  • JPA 2000/11 - Incapacity Payments to Employees in Receipt of Superannuation Benefits
  • JPA 2000/08 - Application of the GST to payment rates set by the SRC Act
  • JPA 2000/02 - Time off after 45 weeks (s 19(3))
  • JPA 1999/03 - Extent of Power of the AAT when reviewing decisions made by Determining Authorities
  • JPA 1999/02 - Incapacity payments to employees aged over 65
  • JPA 1999/01 - Definition of Injury and Disease

Year Released

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