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ANAO audit – Comcare claims management

22 June 2023

Comcare welcomes today’s Australian National Audit Office report into the management of workers’ compensation claims in the Commonwealth scheme.

The audit found Comcare’s administration of claims is effective and efficient and supported by sound business processes and systems.

Comcare will work to implement the ANAO’s recommendations to periodically review delegated claims arrangements and improve corporate performance measures for overall claims management.

Chief Executive Officer Greg Vines said the audit was timely as Comcare continues an important program of improvement for claims management.

“Comcare pays around $200 million a year to assist injured Australian Government workers and effective systems and practices are vital in delivering this support,” Mr Vines said.

“The report reflects ongoing work to strengthen our claims management services, including improving governance and assurance of processes. We are committed to excellence in service provision and this audit highlights the benefits of our initiatives to improve Comcare’s claims management function.”

Since 2016, Comcare has offered some government agencies choice in claims management – continuing with Comcare as claims manager, in-house claims management by agency staff, or using a third-party provider (delegated claims).

The Australian Taxation Office and Services Australia opted to use delegated claims management services, with both agencies recording strong results – including higher return to work rates.

“Reviewing delegated claims arrangements and processes may inform improvements in claims management more generally,” Mr Vines said.

“Continuing to focus on performance measures for overall claims management is also aligned with our continuous improvement efforts where we are focused on putting the clients at the heart of what we do, while also achieving effectiveness and efficiency.”

Read the ANAO report: Comcare’s Administration of its Workers’ Compensation Scheme Claims | Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)

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