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Essential Good Work Design resources for managers and supervisors

18 April 2023

Comcare has produced a suite of evidence-based resources, including videos and better practice guidance, to help raise awareness and build manager capability to design good work for their teams.

This guidance may help managers create psychologically safe teams and better manage psychosocial risks at work.

Good work is good for you. How our work is designed impacts the way we feel and can influence our motivation, engagement and stress levels at work.

Evidence shows that good work design can be used to prevent harm to worker health, promote health and wellbeing and support participation and productivity.

Good work design topics

These topics address known risks to worker health and wellbeing, as well as participation and productivity, on areas including return to work, absenteeism, performance, work demands and change.

  • Knowing your team
  • Enhancing performance
  • Managing absence
  • Building trust in your team
  • Managing change at work
  • Effective communication
  • Providing flexible work
  • Supporting your team
  • Supporting return to work
  • Addressing work demands

The suite of Good work design videos and better practice guidance can be browsed on our website.

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