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Now Available: Work Demands practical guidance for employers, managers, and workers

20 March 2023

Work demands are among the most common sources of workplace stress and psychological harm and may include role overload, unrealistic time pressures, ambiguity or conflict, cognitive and emotional demands of the job, conflict arising from tasks or relationships, change management, a lack of organisational justice, or a worker’s sense of fairness at work.

Employers, managers, and workers all have duties under the Work Health and Safety Act to identify, assess and manage psychosocial hazards which can affect the health of workers and workplace conditions.

To assist you and your organisation, Comcare has developed a suite of guidance on identifying and managing the risks of work demands for:

  • Employers
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Workers.

This guidance has been developed in consultation with representatives covered by the Commonwealth WHS Act.

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