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On 11 April 2019 the Australian Government assumed a caretaker role, with an election to be held 18 May 2019.
Information on websites maintained by Comcare will be published in accordance with the Guidance on Caretaker Conventions until after the election and conclusion of the caretaker period.

Preventing harm


Comcare’s focus is on preventing harm in the workplace, keeping workers healthy and safe at work, and reducing the number and severity of incidents. It is important work.

Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) have a duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to ensure the health and safety of workers. This means eliminating or minimising physical and psychosocial risks to health and safety.

Identifying and responding to risks

Employers and PCBUs must provide a work environment without risks to health or safety, safe systems of work, information, training, instruction or supervision, and monitor the health of workers and conditions in the workplace.

Pro-actively identifying hazards and taking action to reduce, minimise or eliminate identified associated risks must be ongoing. Consulting workers and other involved duty holders when addressing these risks is also a vital part of the process.

Physical safety issues are usually easy to identify, but what are the psychosocial health risks workers face?

Psychosocial hazards are those aspects of the design, organisation and management of work, and its social and environmental context that can cause psychological, social or physical harm.

Psychological injury claims are a significant driver of workers’ compensation premiums and other costs for organisations.

Working together to prevent harm

PCBUs and employers need to talk to workers and find out where the problem areas are and together develop solutions to tackle them.

Page last updated: 29 Apr 2014