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Health Benefits of Work

Comcare's Health Benefits of Work is based on the principles that:

  • work is generally good for mental and physical health, and wellbeing
  • work can help in recovery from injury or illness
  • an early, supported return to work can reduce the risk of longer term disability.

As a signatory to the Royal College of Physicians Consensus Statement 'Realising the Health Benefits of Work', Comcare recognises that work is generally good for health and wellbeing and that long-term absence, disability and unemployment generally have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

Everyone should base their choices and actions on the knowledge that work can promote health and working can help with recovery. To achieve a change in the way we think about work and health, we need to engage with health professionals, service providers and workplaces to improve awareness, return to work practices and supports.


Comcare has engaged Professor Niki Ellis as an expert advisor to lead national conversation with the medical and broader community about the health benefits of work. Read more about Professor Niki Ellis and Comcare's Health Benefits of Work Advisory Group.

Better practice

Comcare has developed and implemented a single medical certificate of capacity in partnership with GPs and other insurers in the ACT to help facilitate GP involvement in early return to work and stay at work programs for employees with workplace injuries and diseases. Find out more about the Certificate of Capacity.


Comcare is collaborating with others to translate and promote the evidence base for effective return to work and develop guidelines to enable GPs to prescribe work as part of rehabilitation and recovery.

Emerging Evidence Alert

The Emerging Evidence Alert includes the latest news and evidence on the health benefits of work, recover at and return to work and work health and safety issues to help employers share approaches and good work practices.

Rehabilitation services

Comcare is working to establish and promote a new model for early and effective rehabilitation services.


Comcare works with employers to prevent harm, promote health through good work and support people to stay at work when their health circumstances change.


Employers and employees are central to promoting the health benefits of work and improving recovery at and return to work.
Below are four infographic posters to use to promote the messages about the health benefits of work at your workplace.

Page last updated: 28 Oct 2016