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Comcare - Australian Goverment

Comcare fraud report form

Please complete this form to report a fraud or suspected fraud against the Comcare workers’ compensation scheme (claims for workers compensation) or against Comcare as a statutory agency. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

If your information involves benefits provided by Medicare or Centrelink, child support, state or territory-based workers compensation schemes, or a scam please refer to the conduct details provided on the reporting fraud page.

All fields are optional (if you prefer to remain anonymous)

About the person or organisation you suspect is conducting fraud

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This information will help with identifying the person or organisation and information of interest in relation to the alleged fraud

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Comcare may contact you to clarify the information you provide or request additional information.

Please note Comcare is unable to advise you of the actions it undertakes as a result of the information you provide. This is due to the secrecy provisions in the laws Comcare is bound by including the Privacy Act 1988.