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Report fraud

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If you suspect a person or organisation has committed fraud or is corrupt, report the behaviour so it can be investigated.

Types of fraud

Fraud is dishonestly getting a benefit or causing a loss, through deceit or other means.

Related to a claim for compensation

  • knowingly submitting a false claim
  • providing false information
  • failing to declare information where it is legally required to do so
  • failing to declare employment income while receiving compensation
  • altering a medical certificate or any other documents relating to a claim
  • submitting false travel expense claims
  • misrepresenting a disability
  • taking steps to continue to receive compensation and avoid returning to work.

Related to a service provider

  • claiming for services that were not provided
  • providing false invoices or other documents.

Related to a Comcare employee

  • receiving a payment, other than payment from Comcare, for work performed as a Comcare employee or when at work
  • seeking bribes or favours for decisions or actions taken as a Comcare worker.

Related to agencies and entities regulated by Comcare

  • providing false or misleading information to Comcare
  • seeking to inappropriately influence Comcare’s workers who make decisions relating to the entity.

Who to contact

When to contact Comcare

Contact Comcare if you suspect fraud by:

  • a Comcare employee or service provider
  • an Australian Public Service (APS) employee claiming workers’ compensation through Comcare
  • a service provider for an employee receiving workers’ compensation through Comcare
  • an entity regulated by Comcare.

When to contact your state or territory government

If you suspect fraud by an employee of a state or territory government, contact the relevant workers’ compensation authority.

Table 1: Workers' compensation authority contacts in each state and territory
Organisation and email contactPhone
WorkCover Queensland1300 362 128
SafeWork NSW131 050
State Insurance Regulatory Authority - SIRA (NSW)1300 137 131
Insurance and Care NSW (icare)13 44 22
Worksafe ACT13 22 81
WorkSafe Victoria1800 136 089
Worksafe Tasmania03 6166 4600
SafeWork SA1300 365 255
WorkSafe WA1300 307 877
NT WorkSafe1800 250 713

Other contacts

If your information relates to:

  • benefits provided through Centrelink, Medicare or for child support call the Services Australia fraud tip-off line on 131 524 or fill out an online form.
  • a scam, visit SCAMwatch by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or call 1300 795 995.

How to report fraud

Ways to report fraud to Comcare

Report fraud

  • Fill out the Report Fraud online form
  • Email
  • Call us directly on (02) 6160 3985 or on 1300 366 979 between 8.30 am and 5 pm AEST Monday to Friday and ask to speak with a fraud investigator
  • Write to Comcare, GPO Box 9905, Canberra ACT 2601.

Anonymous feedback

If you do not want to provide your name or be identified, we accept anonymous reports.

However, this means we can’t let you know about the actions we take or the outcome. We may also be unable to look into your concern if we need more information from you.

To submit your report anonymously, we recommend you use our Report Fraud online form.

What happens after you report fraud

When we receive a report of suspected fraud we:

  • keep everything you tell us confidential
  • acknowledge your submission, if you include your contact details
  • may contact you for further information
  • assess the information you provide
  • decide if we should carry out an investigation or take other action.

If you choose to remain anonymous and do not provide enough detail, we may be unable to action your report.

When we conduct an investigation, we collect evidence to determine if we can prosecute or take other action.

An investigation may result in:

  • administrative action affecting entitlements under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
  • recovery of losses through legal action
  • disciplinary action under the Public Service Act 1999
  • referral to police
  • referral to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to pursue civil or criminal prosecution in a court of law.

We are bound by legislation, including the Privacy Act 1988, which means we are unable to let you know about the actions or outcome resulting from the information you provided us.

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