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Guidance on applying the SRC Act


Comcare provides guidance for Comcare scheme participants to assist them in understanding and applying the provisions of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act). This includes 'Scheme Guidance' and 'Case Lessons'. These are aimed at generating a common understanding and encouraging consistency of approach.

Scheme Guidance outlines for decision makers Comcare’s understanding of, and recommended approach to, the provisions in the SRC Act and subordinate legislation.

Note: Scheme Guidance replaces previously issued Jurisdictional Policy Advices (JPAs). All previously issued JPAs can still be viewed and accessed. As we review our JPAs they will be replaced by Scheme Guidance. Where a JPA is no longer current or relevant it will include the words ‘replaced’ or ‘revoked’.

Case Lessons are snapshots of recent Court and Tribunal decisions that highlight key practical lessons for employers, employees and decision-makers in the Comcare scheme.

If you have any questions about any of this guidance, please contact Scheme Policy on 1300 366 979 or by email to

The following guidance is available for employers, employees and relevant decision makers.

Applying the Clinical Framework to assess the reasonableness of medical treatment

Applying the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services (the Clinical Framework) principles when considering the reasonableness of medical treatment under section 16 of the SRC Act.

Appropriate cost of medical treatment

Appropriate cost of medical treatment under subsection 16(1) of the SRC Act.

Fee guidance for workplace rehabilitation providers

Guidance for rehabilitation authorities and workplace rehabilitation providers on the appropriate cost and duration of WRP services.

Attendant Care services

Provision and compensation for attendant care services under subsection 29(3) of the SRC Act.

Accrual of leave

Calculating leave accrual for employees on compensation leave under the SRC Act.

Application of Health and Other Services (Compensation) Act 1995 to claims made under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988

Guidance for relevant authorities on the requirement to notify Medicare under the Health and Other Services (Compensation) Act 1995 (HOSC Act) for claims made under the SRC Act.

A workplace injury may not be compensable if it was caused by administrative action, such as performance management, denial of leave or promotion decisions

Page last updated: 29 Jun 2018