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Scheme e-guidance

Scheme e-guidance is designed to help rehabilitation case managers and claims managers learn more about the Comcare scheme.

Each module provides a short overview, including case studies and questions, to help you develop skills that will support better outcomes for injured employees, and drive a consistent approach across the scheme.

Return to work case conferencing module

For rehabilitation case managers to help build capability in organising and conducting return to work case conferences with injured employees and general practitioners.

Incapacity provisions module

For claims managers to learn how to calculate and adjust normal weekly earnings, in addition to providing guidance on calculating the incapacity amount for employees who are currently employed.

Permanent impairment provisions module

For claims managers to gain an understanding of the permanent impairment threshold requirements, how to assess the degree of permanent impairment and calculating the amount of permanent impairment compensation.

Rehabilitation case management—first steps module

An overview of key introductory rehabilitation case management concepts and practices, including early and effective engagement, biopsychosocial and flags models, identifying potential barriers to return to work and next steps where risks are identified.

SRC Act and Comcare scheme overview module

An overview of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) and Comcare scheme, including key claims management and return to work principles for employees of scheme employers, prospective self-insurance applicants, and other stakeholders working in the scheme.

Another resource you might find useful is Guidance on applying the SRC Act.

Page last updated: 09 Aug 2019