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Rehabilitation programs

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The rehabilitation program is designed to help you recover and return to health and work following a work-related injury or illness.

Rehabilitation programs explained

A rehabilitation program is designed to support your recovery and rehabilitation. It aims to:

  • assist you to remain at or return to work, and/or
  • maintain or improve your activities of daily living.

You must be consulted on the rehabilitation program and your attitude to it must be considered. Your program’s development may involve discussion with your supervisor, rehabilitation case manager, treating medical practitioner and provider of workplace rehabilitation services.

Your rehabilitation program will contain a structured series of activities to help you recover. This activity plan is developed in consultation with you and your treating medical practitioner.

The rehabilitation program should:

  • be tailored, outcome-based and set clear steps to help you achieve a safe and lasting return to work
  • be made available to you if you have capacity to work or return to work
  • be developed using appropriate expertise, such as approved workplace rehabilitation providers
  • recognise your existing skills, experience and capabilities so that suitable duties can be found
  • if necessary, use retraining and redeployment when it is not possible for you to return to pre-injury duties.

Monitoring your progress

Your progress is reviewed regularly to ensure the program matches your needs at each stage of recovery. This is done by your rehabilitation case manager with the support of the workplace rehabilitation provider, if one has been engaged.

Monitoring should provide information about:

  • your injury and ongoing work capacity
  • medical issues or other problems
  • the suitability of your work tasks or schedule
  • your participation in the program
  • your progress against agreed milestones
  • the level of supervisor and colleague support you are receiving
  • any other relevant information.

When monitoring the rehabilitation program, your rehabilitation case manager should stay in regular contact with all parties to make sure everyone has carried out what they agreed to do.

Page last reviewed: 02 April 2020
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Date printed 29 May 2022