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Aids, appliances and modifications

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You may be able to claim the cost of buying or repairing an aid or appliance that is required to help with your work-related injury or illness. You can also apply to alter a place of residence or work or modify a vehicle or article.

Before you make a purchase

Make sure you get approval before you buy or repair an aid or appliance, alter a place of residence or work, or modify a vehicle or article, if you want to claim the cost.


You must need the aid, appliance or modification as a result of your claim for compensation, which has been approved. The request must also be a reasonable one.

Your request can only be considered if you:

  • are carrying out a rehabilitation program
  • have completed a rehabilitation program, or
  • have been assessed as not capable of undertaking a rehabilitation program.

Comcare may arrange for an occupational therapist or other health professional to assess your needs.

Items you can apply for

There are a range of aids and appliances which people may need to help with their injury or medical condition. Some examples are:

  • hearing aids
  • prosthetic devices
  • backrests
  • telephones for people with a visual impairment
  • door openers
  • angled writing boards

You can also apply for essential home, car or workplace modifications (in cases where your employer may not have a duty of care) which you require as a result of your injury or illness.

General household items such as toasters, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers are not considered to be aids or appliances.

How to claim for aids, appliances or modifications

To make a claim, submit the relevant form to your claims manager.

Employees of an Australian Government agency or statutory authority

  1. To make a claim, your medical practitioner needs to complete the relevant form:
  1. Submit the form to Comcare:

Employees of a self-insured licensee

If you work for an organisation which is a self-insured licensee, a staff member in your organisation or a third-party provider manages your claim. Speak with your human resources team for more information.

See a list of corporations and organisations with a self-insurance licence.

After we receive your claim

We assess your claim after receiving your application. We may ask you for more information or quotes before we can make a determination.

You can buy the aid, appliance or modification after a claim is approved and then send us the invoice or receipt for payment.

If you disagree with the determination

If you disagree with our determination, you can ask us to reconsider it. You need to submit an application for reconsideration within 30 days of our determination or apply for an extension of time.

For more information about this process, see Apply for a reconsideration.

More information

We provide guidance to help decision makers and participants understand particular provisions of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) and to help ensure they are applied consistently.

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