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Workforce planning and development

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Transcript of Workforce planning and development
"Old age is like everything else.
To make a success of it,
you've got to start young" Fred Astaire (1899-1987)

The challenge

Participation and engagement of all generations at work is essential for a dynamic and productive workplace, and for excellence in service delivery. An organisation's people are vital to its functioning and this is particularly important in knowledge-intensive workplaces.

A mature age workforce, consisting of highly engaged, skilled and experienced people, offers opportunities. The challenge for employers is to manage the risks posed by the ageing workforce and turn the risk into opportunity by maximising the participation and performance of valuable older workers.

The opportunity

Workforce planning is about managing well. Identifying and adapting to change is integral to ongoing sustainability and older workers are becoming an increasingly important cohort.

There are a number of practical actions that can be taken to understand age-diversity within the workplace to inform strategies and actions:

  • collect and analyse your agency’s demographic data
  • monitor people’s employment and experience
  • implement workforce planning strategies that support age diversity
  • assess how well your organisation recruits and retains older workers.

To take action, download the Workforce Planning and Development guidance.

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Last updated: 03 Apr 2020
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