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Incapacity payments

An injured employee may be entitled to receive income support, known as incapacity payments, while they are unable to work or are on a rehabilitation program, if they have a work-related condition that has been accepted by Comcare.

What are incapacity payments?

Incapacity payments are not a pension. They compensate an injured employee for loss of income while on a rehabilitation program or until they recover from their work-related injury or illness.

If an injured employee has an accepted compensation claim they may need a short period of compensation leave. If this is the case, compensation would be payable at a rate equal to 100 per cent of the employee’s normal weekly earnings (NWE), less any amount they are actually earning, for periods of compensation leave up to a total of 45 weeks.

If an employee needs compensation leave for longer than 45 weeks, then compensation is calculated based on the percentage of normal weekly hours the employee worked during the week. This is subject to statutory limits.

These percentages are:

Per cent normal weekly hours workedPer cent normal weekly earningsCompensation payable
Not working75 per cent75 per cent NWE
25 per cent or less80 per cent80 per cent NWE—actual earnings (AE)
More than 25 per cent but not more than 50 per cent85 per cent85 per cent NWE—AE
More than 50 per cent but not more than 75 per cent90 per cent90 per cent NWE—AE
More than 75 per cent but less than 100 per cent95 per cent95 per cent NWE—AE
100 per cent100 per cent100 per cent NWE—AE

How do you claim incapacity payments?

  1. Get a medical certificate from your medical provider.
  2. Get details, including wages and hours for any employment (including self or voluntary employment) you are undertaking.
  3. Complete the Claim for time off work/Period of reduced earnings form.
  4. Send the form, medical certificate and wage details to Comcare.
Page last updated: 18 Jan 2019