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New study shows how people move between Australia’s income and benefit support systems and opportunities for system improvement

22 June 2022

53% of people reported not having enough income to cover essential living costs as they transition from one income support system to another according to the study.

The Cross-Sector Systems project, commissioned by the Collaborative Partnership to improve work participation, has identified the 10 major benefit and income support systems available to Australians whose temporary or permanent injury, illness or mental health condition impacts their ability to work.

This study was undertaken to understand the movement of people between systems and how work and health outcomes can be improved.

Based on the survey results of 790 participants, along with 10 in-depth interviews from a diverse group, the study shows that while Centrelink is the most commonly used system, 30% of people engaged with two systems.

Find out more in the study snapshot (PDF, 250.8 KB).

The full report (PDF, 1.4 MB) is also available.

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