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NewAccess workplaces final evaluation sees strong recovery rate and improved worker wellbeing and productivity

19 August 2022

A 72% recovery rate was recorded from workers from across the Australian Public Service who made use of the NewAccess workplaces mental health coaching service.

Created by Beyond Blue, NewAccess workplaces is a low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy coaching service aimed at assisting workers who need support and guidance with issues at work and home.

Commencing in 2020, the extended trial ran at 16 participating government agencies. An independent evaluation by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) highlighted that:

  • NewAccess workplaces delivers a consistent recovery rate (72%) and is an appropriate service for workplace settings
  • NewAccess workplaces met the needs of workers using the service and contributed towards improvements in their engagement in the workplace
  • Workers who made use of the service self-reported enhanced job satisfaction and productivity
  • NewAccess workplaces is contributing to the promotion of mental health prevention and/or early intervention
  • NewAccess workplaces has a strong Return on Investment for employers, with an expected return of $1.60 in productivity benefits from every dollar invested.

The evaluation highlights the effectiveness of NewAccess workplaces in supporting the needs of workers, particularly as an alternative and/or complementary option to other mental health and wellbeing offerings such as EAP services.

Find out more in the final evaluation findings summary (PDF, 246.0 KB).

The service is available to workers at participating agencies until 16 September 2022, when the extended trial officially concludes.

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